Welcome to my Kitchen!



If you’ve come from my Facebook page, thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll leave a like and share with your friends and family. If you’ve stumbled across my blog here, please stop by my Facebook page, Mrs. McQ Cooks for You, and leave a like and share!

I started Mrs. McQ Cooks for You in March of 2017, but the idea was born shortly after Thanksgiving of 2016. Technically, I had an idea for a cook book a couple years ago, but I didn’t know how to go about it since I never measure anything. A lot of the book would go something like this, “add some salt if you want…I mean, it’s probably going to taste like crap if you don’t, but hey it’s your meal.” While a lot of my friends said that sounded great and they’d buy the book, I can just make a few copies and give it to them (Spoiler alert on your future Christmas presents, haha). My husband (then fiancée) talked about it on and off for a while, and he suggested a blog or YouTube channel. My YouTube channel is in the works right now, I have to get some equipment before I get anything published. Obviously, I will let y’all know when that happens.

When I was little, I was an extremely picky eater. Ask my parents…they’ll probably laugh because it was that ridiculous. As I got older, this meant a lot of cooking my own meals because I couldn’t expect my parents to accommodate my horribly picky palette. Once I started cooking for myself, my tastes got more and more adventurous. I started eating things I didn’t before, and starting trying new things- something I had NEVER done. Soon, a passion for food and cooking, and even entertaining, grew inside me and I ran with it. Food and cooking quickly became therapeutic and almost cathartic, and still are to this day.

There’s an episode of “Friends” where Joey finds out his dad is having an affair. He’s from a large Italian family, and naturally the news upsets him, so he goes home and starts cooking tomato sauce. Obviously, I don’t know what the writers intended with this, but to me it came off as if Joey was using cooking as a way to work through his emotions when he’s upset. We see it in an earlier season when he has to sleep with a casting director to get a part on a soap opera.  I’ve always found it funny because I’m the exact same way.

There have been a lot of stressors for both myself and my husband, Alex, lately. I’ve noticed that I’ve started cooking more because of it, and so I finally took the steps necessary to get my page (and soon YouTube channel) up and running. So not only is this a way to blow off some steam and share my cooking with the community, but I’m also helping myself through an incredibly difficult time of my life. I’m excited to really get started and see where this all goes.

Next thing cooking up is a video on my Facebook page. It’s going to be a quick get to know me and Q&A. Feel free to send me questions!

Anyway, stay tuned for all sorts of fun, special guests, and great food! I appreciate and love you all so much!



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