Don’t You Four Cheddar ’bout Me



Ignore my paper plate, haha. Alex and I only use the dishes when people come over.

The Don’t You Four Cheddar ’bout Me burger is one of the burgers in the Bob’s Burgers Burger Book by Loren Bouchard and the writers of Bob’s Burgers. The recipes in the book were created by fan Cole Bowden, and this recipe turned out to be one of our favorites. We tweaked it a bit, but you really should check out the book and all of Cole’s recipes.

You will need:
Salt (to season)
Pepper (to season)
1 lb. bacon (we used turkey bacon)
1 lb. ground beef (I use 80/20 for burgers)
4 slices of white sharp cheddar
4 slices of yellow sharp cheddar
4 slices of white mild horseradish cheddar (we used a mild white cheddar)
4 slices of yellow mild cheddar
4 buns
Green leaf lettuce (we used Romaine)
1 medium white onion, sliced (we swapped these for pickles because we both prefer pickles on a burger)

First thing you need to do is cook the bacon and reserve the fat. We’re going to cook our burgers in it for an added layer of flavor! While the bacon is cooking, rip up 1 slice each of the sharp white and sharp yellow cheddar, and fold into the middle of each patty. 1 lb. of beef should be able to make 4 patties, so form those and then season with salt and pepper.  Cook the patties in the bacon fat (yum!), and before they finish cooking put 1 slice each of yellow mild and white mild cheddar on top of each patty. Cover the pan to help the cheese melt.

This is how the book suggests you build your burger like this: Bottom bun, lettuce, burger, bacon, onions, top bun. We built ours the same way (but with pickles instead of onions).

We love Bob’s Burgers, it’s one of our favorite shows. Catch it every Sunday on Fox, and definitely check out the book featuring recipes by Cole Bowden.



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